#Venezuela, una bomba política de antimateria.

La madre del opositor Leopoldo López habla con su hijo preso a 300m de distancia Cuando una partícula de materia se encuentra con su correspondiente homóloga de antimateria, se aniquilan mutuamente y liberan inmensas cantidades de energía. Éste es el fundamento del motor de antimateria y puede también ser utilizado para la confección de un … Continue reading #Venezuela, una bomba política de antimateria.


6 lessons learned from Venezuela’s Chavism that might help you during the Trump administration

Despite of what the title might suggest, this is not a partisan article, or an attempt to sway your political position, but a friendly advice from somebody who has spent many years engaging with "political opposition" and who has experienced first hand the frustration of arguing to no end with people I appreciate, but cannot agree … Continue reading 6 lessons learned from Venezuela’s Chavism that might help you during the Trump administration

¡Feliz Año en el Exterior! Carta a mis hermanos y primos (y amigos) fuera de Venezuela.

Para mí, este es el Fin de Año número 16 desde que me mudé a EE.UU., de esos 16, 15 los he recibido en el teléfono o en Skype y uno en Venezuela. Para algunos de Uds. la historia es la misma, algunos de Uds. han experimentado esto unas pocas veces y algunos de Uds. … Continue reading ¡Feliz Año en el Exterior! Carta a mis hermanos y primos (y amigos) fuera de Venezuela.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful for people of hope, for those who put their life on the line to fight against injustice & corporate greed in North Dakota, those who join to fight against oppressive systems and ideologies, those who are willing to stand by whoever is being bullied, those who carry a meaningful pin … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

There is no 3rd Party option & we need to come to terms with this reality, but it could be in our future. 

I do not like being negative about things, but sometimes I believe that a "crude" face to face with reality is more valuable than keeping false hopes. I also believe that as a Philosopher it's my duty to disagree with any given group of people at any given time (insert ironic emoticon here). The 3rd … Continue reading There is no 3rd Party option & we need to come to terms with this reality, but it could be in our future. 

Venezuelans and the Trump Déjà Vu

Side note: I just read some comments on a, better written, but similar article making this same comparison. I have to admit I'm a bit taken aback by the attempt of some people (Venezuelans or not) to switch the equation comparing Clinton to Chávez and basing some of their argument on the alleged "leftists" ideals … Continue reading Venezuelans and the Trump Déjà Vu

What’s in Roy’s head?

When people believe themselves to be untouchable, their true nature comes out and for a professional diplomat that can be an unforgivable sin.

Caracas Chronicles

Roy Chaderton, Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS, has always been a curious little beast.

A product of Venezuela’s ancien regime, he is one of the few highly-educated diplomats that remained in good standing with Chávez after the Revolution came to power. After the tides turned, many people in top positions turned in their resignations in disgust – Ambassador Milos Alcalay and Justice Cecilia Sosa are two that come to mind.

But not Roy.

Roy shed his old copeyano persona and embraced the revolution with fervor. His ability to re-brand himself as a leftie defender of whatever needs to be defended, along with some obvious skills, brought him close to Chávez. The Comandante quickly named him to top diplomatic posts, including a brief stint as Foreign Minister.

But now, winds have changed again, and so must Roy.

Venezuela’s government is no longer just a left-wing Revolution, but a murderous narco-state headed by thugs. What must a…

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Tomado de Generación Y: Maduro no sabe gobernar

Yoani Sánchez, La Habana | 20/02/2015 Nicolás Maduro (CC) Nunca pensé que iba a llegar a decir esto, pero Venezuela está peor que Cuba. Es cierto que el país suramericano no ha sobrepasado en número –ni en intensidad– el desabastecimiento de productos básicos, el colapso económico, ni la vigilancia policial que padecemos nosotros; pero Venezuela … Continue reading Tomado de Generación Y: Maduro no sabe gobernar

Editorial SIC 771: Enrumbar el barco

¿Así o más claro? "Es necesario que el Gobierno se apee de la ficción y encare con realismo los problemas del país. Tal como lo apuntábamos en el editorial de marzo de 2014, “no puede seguir superponiendo la oratoria a los hechos, como si de esa manera la realidad cotidiana de los venezolanos dejara de … Continue reading Editorial SIC 771: Enrumbar el barco

The Tolerance of the Intolerant #JeSuiCharlie #CharlieHedbo

http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/461133726   https://twitter.com/SaraAssaf/status/552956000433491968   The terrorist act in  Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, France brings us back to the complicated -sometimes dialogue, sometimes monologue- issue of understanding religion and those who use it as an excuse for violence. Yet we seem to fail to understand that violent or otherwise negative acts do not define religions, … Continue reading The Tolerance of the Intolerant #JeSuiCharlie #CharlieHedbo

Fire Ramírez

Caracas Chronicles

Time to move on Time to move on

Today’s OPEC meeting in Vienna has all the makings of a turning point in the history of oil, and Venezuela.

In agreeing not to cut oil production quotas in the face of a steep price decline – driving oil prices into the mesosphere – the organization has decided that business as usual … is over. The long-term challenge of shale oil will be confronted head on through a price war, and members will defend their market share. Saudi Arabia, in particular, seemed to be saying to countries that failed to save in good times: “tough.”

The meeting was lapidary for the Revolution’s pretension to continue in its failed model. If $100-per-barrel oil is gone for good, we will need to adapt. We cannot continue living on exploding budget deficits, massive state bureaucracy, enormous subsidies, and restricted imports to sort-of make ends meet. Good luck with that.

It’s over, chavistas, it…

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Ni comunismo, ni Socialismo, ni Dictadura, ni Democracia en #Venezuela

Epítetos gratuitos y el problema de la objetividad En Venezuela, desde hace mucho tiempo se ha hecho moda lanzar epítetos sin contenido verdadero a diestra y siniestra con la única intención de que se hagan virales, y por tanto, sean adoptados por la población como verdades asumidas aunque muchos no tengan idea clara de su … Continue reading Ni comunismo, ni Socialismo, ni Dictadura, ni Democracia en #Venezuela

They were shooting at my home…it was time to leave!

“The National Guard started attacking private residences with shots and gas bombs as well as entering apartments arresting for students.”

Vivo en un Mundo Loco

I am back in Norway trying hard to understand how things could go so terrible wrong. Since my last post the situation in Venezuela kept getting worse every day. It was after the National Guard had been shooting and throwing gas bombs at my residence I made the decision to leave the country.

As I try to write about what happened (and is still happening) I cannot keep the tears away, I am heartbroken. I have learned to love Venezuela, even with its obvious flaws. I have met people who have touched my heart in ways i cannot describe. I have left a country and it’s people who are desperately fighting for their freedom, democracy and a better future, but at what cost?

Innocent people are being killed, hurt and taken to prison where they are treated with violence and torture. Why? Because they using their right to demonstrate against…

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What is going on in Venezuela? #SOSVENEZUELA

The situation in #Venezuela seen though the eyes of a foreigner.

Vivo en un Mundo Loco

As there is absolutely no way of sleeping tonight, all I can do is write. Write to the world about what is happening in Venezuela right outside our windows as I type these words. It has been a hard night for Venezuela and the uncertainty of tomorrow is what keeps us up. Let me tell you what has been happening the last week here in Venezuela.

I have hardly left my home because there is no way of knowing what will happen out on the street. People are being shot, hurt or captured. For what? For protesting! It all started with the student protest last Wednesday (February 12th #F12). The students were protesting against the government because of insecurity, inflation, the lack of food and the limited freedom of press. These demonstrations happened in all major cities in Venezuela, not just Caracas as the news portrait it. Unfortunately these…

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Living in Venezuela: The Unpleasant Part of the story

Account by a Norwegian student of the current events in #Venezuela. Worth a good read

Vivo en un Mundo Loco

My beloved Venezuela… How can this country, that have taught me so much and shown me so much love, be so incredible messed up? How is it possible to have the experiences of a lifetime in a country that is slowly falling apart? My heart aches for you Venezuela because your people deserve better. Without taking political sides, this is what I see. Do not misunderstand. I truly love the Venezuelan culture and it’s people, but despite the wonderful experiences and new long-lasting friendships… living in Venezuela is exhausting! This is an attempt to explain (from a neutral point of view) to non-Venezuelans what is happening in this country right now.

In an attempt of describing the situation in a balance between ignorance and being paranoid I have to say: I do not feel safe in Venezuela. This does not mean I am inside my house all the time. I…

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Estudiante, recuerda por qué marchas

Este es un mensaje escrito por mi prima Ericka Poulain en su cuenta en Facebook, vale la pena leerlo: Compañero estudiante que vas conmigo a marchar todos los días, aunque no marchemos hombro a hombro estamos marchando juntos, aunque marches a kilómetros de donde marcho, marchamos juntos, aunque hayas tomado el turno de la noche para … Continue reading Estudiante, recuerda por qué marchas

Entrevista a Monseñor Lückert #Venezuela

El ahora arzobispo de Falcón, sigue, como lo ha hecho toda su vida, expresando la verdad del que se siente servidor de la Palabra, es decir, al servicio del necesitado, al servicio de la Verdad y de las verdades aun cuando no sean las verdades que queramos escuchar. Vale la pena ver esta corta entrevista.