Blog Action Day: The Climate Change Challenge #BAD09

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day

This December, Copenhagen will become the center of the international debate on climate change, the very same subject previously criticized, doubted and denied by certain “scientist” for whom the whole ordeal was just a fictitious problem.

We have come a long way from the Kyoto Protocol Summit and now Copenhagen strives to become Hopenhagen, the new place were we all can be citizens of hope on a new vision of the world, one were there are no big and small players, but participants.

Today is Bog Action Day, but the challenge for Climate Change is not a matter of one day, one summit, one blog post, it is the matter of continuous and significant action that will determine in what shape we will turn this big “mother-ship” that we call Earth to the upcoming generations.

I know there are still those who doubt, for some strange reason the consequences of pollution and exploitation of the planet’s resources, but what’s much more important is the continuously growing amount of people who not only believe, but who do something to turn around the damage that we have already done to this gentle mother, our Gaia, our Earth.

Happy Climate Changing!

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