What is going on in Venezuela? #SOSVENEZUELA

The situation in #Venezuela seen though the eyes of a foreigner.

Vivo en un Mundo Loco

As there is absolutely no way of sleeping tonight, all I can do is write. Write to the world about what is happening in Venezuela right outside our windows as I type these words. It has been a hard night for Venezuela and the uncertainty of tomorrow is what keeps us up. Let me tell you what has been happening the last week here in Venezuela.

I have hardly left my home because there is no way of knowing what will happen out on the street. People are being shot, hurt or captured. For what? For protesting! It all started with the student protest last Wednesday (February 12th #F12). The students were protesting against the government because of insecurity, inflation, the lack of food and the limited freedom of press. These demonstrations happened in all major cities in Venezuela, not just Caracas as the news portrait it. Unfortunately these…

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