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Time to move on Time to move on

Today’s OPEC meeting in Vienna has all the makings of a turning point in the history of oil, and Venezuela.

In agreeing not to cut oil production quotas in the face of a steep price decline – driving oil prices into the mesosphere – the organization has decided that business as usual … is over. The long-term challenge of shale oil will be confronted head on through a price war, and members will defend their market share. Saudi Arabia, in particular, seemed to be saying to countries that failed to save in good times: “tough.”

The meeting was lapidary for the Revolution’s pretension to continue in its failed model. If $100-per-barrel oil is gone for good, we will need to adapt. We cannot continue living on exploding budget deficits, massive state bureaucracy, enormous subsidies, and restricted imports to sort-of make ends meet. Good luck with that.

It’s over, chavistas, it…

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