Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m thankful for people of hope, for those who put their life on the line to fight against injustice & corporate greed in North Dakota, those who join to fight against oppressive systems and ideologies, those who are willing to stand by whoever is being bullied, those who carry a meaningful pin and those who don’t, but stand for what’s right.

I’m thankful for those who get out of their comfort zone in order to provide a helping hand to those in need from different angles, religious, political, through social action and more.

I’m also thankful, even though Venezuelans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, for those who put their life and safety at risk to fight for the rights of all Venezuelans against a government and an ideology that believes it’s more important to remain in power than the benefit of the whole country (your day is near).

Thanks to all those who by action or word spread hope, love, compassion and justice everywhere.

The world is a better place because of people like you and to those who are yet not inspired to spread the spirit of Humanity, be open to your brothers and sisters, they will show you the way.

Thank you all!


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